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Nov 4, 2010

We Have Arrived

Thursday Nov 4, Day 1 DEN-LA-HK

All I remember of the 15 hour flight from LA to HK was Kip passing me a note that read, "I am so bored and it is only hour 5! Of course that set off the giggles so we were able to waste another 20 minutes! We read and played with Taylor and watched TV, but really, unless you are in bed at home and sick, 15 hours is a very long time! And we ate airplane food like it was from a 5 star restaurant! Still full! Taylor did great. She drew in her journal, read, watched TV and slept. I slipped her a melatonin and she slept like a baby. When Tay slept Kip watched every episode of Californication like a junkie and I watched a few movies and Read Heat Wave. Taylor is reading Tangled.

In HK we met up with our travel group of 11 other families with babies coming from the Lianjiang SWI. We also have 6 others but going to different orphanages. Needless to say it is a very large entourage of 18 families and companions with two cruiser busses to get anywhere. We toured Victoria’s Peak in the foggy rainy weather, stopped at a beach full of statues and temples (forgo the name), and a jewelry making factory, and did a little shopping. Touring in a bus on a single lane road up a winding hill is some kind of fun~what goes up must come down! HK is built vertically with some of the highest $ per square foot land. We are happy to have this time with Taylor knowing we will soon shift the family dynamics once we get Kendy. We appear to have two kids already…Taylor made a fast friend named Lexie from Co Springs. She is 1 year older than Tay, but they get along great. Thankfully they are on the same bus as we are and they also have their 2 teenage boys along as well. There are two other 7/8 year old girls as well on the other bus.

Sunday Nov.7 Our last day in HK we spent some sunny time at the pool when Taylor fell in (at our urging) doing a cartwheel. So funny! Yes, we took video and still laugh at it! There was a bar separating the pool in half and you appeared to walk on water, so Taylor attempted a cartwheel and slipped instead. She was not hurt but very wet so enjoyed the pool.

Our guides Mathew and Joanne are wonderful and really help put families at ease with what’s up. They pay extra attention to Taylor and the otehr kiddos.

Almost there...
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  1. Terry and Family. It's great seeing all of you and especially Taylor with that big beautiful smile!
    I remember it all as I read your words. How funny about Kips note to you in the plane. Too funny.
    Can't wait to hear more!

  2. greta here. I'm learning! can't wait to read and see the photos.


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