We all share the same moon no matter where we are in the world!

Jun 26, 2009


What a way to spend an afternoon! A few friends were over for the afternoon and decided to put on a "show" for the camera. so cute!

Jun 15, 2009

A gathering of Part of our China family #726

A few families from our travel group to China in 2005 met up for a day of fun. Every year the adoptiion agency, CCAI, holds it annual picnic/carnival in June. We were excited to have Brett & Mary Alice and kids come up from New Mexico and spent the afternoon with them at the carnival. Later we had a BBQ with two other families in town: Steve & Kate with Zack & Zoe, along with Ken & Karen and Ella (from the same area as Taylor). We spent a nice evening together and the kids really had fun!

Jun 6, 2009


Bathing Beauties!

Maybe I'll dive tomorrow...

Our backyard pool:Owen, Maykayla, Jaida, Tay, & Wesley

We are starting the summer with swimming lessons. Taylor has really come along way with her swimming. In the beginning Taylor was very timid in the pool and would not get her face wet. Three years later and she is learning her strokes and jumping off the diving board! We love our new neighborhood pool and plan on spending our summer days getting to know our neighbors at the pool. Friends Michelle, Kristin, Jaida, Isabella, and Maile all love swimming and hanging out at the pool.

Summer Days at the Park

I love watching kiddos play at the park. These photos were taken for a friend who is creating the marketing for a jewelry line to help kids and single moms. The girls were having a blast and forgot all about the camera. Simply natural.