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May 28, 2009

Taylor's Art

Taylor's Art
First Taylor's most recent Self Portrait followed by her Self Portrait from Sept. '08. She loves to draw and created a beautiful ballerina by looking at a picture of one in a book that shows you how to draw step by step. I love her drawing of me, her mom.

May 26, 2009

The World According To Taylor

Taylor was interviewed by her teacher at school and here is what she had to say about a few important things...

MY FAVORITE THINGS: mac & cheese pizza, Bingo bunch & Candy land, Caillou & Dragon Tales, Dancing & Gymnastics, Swimming, the computer, reading books at bedtime

"MY DAD IS 18 years old, his job is working in our office, At breakfast he likes eggs, pancakes, and bacon. My dad and I go out and play at the park. He gots short hair and he wears sometimes a hat. He wears glasses all the time."

"MY MOM IS 84. she has blond hair, short. she wears glasses. She is pretty. She watches children. Her favorite food is cob on the corn. We play games together."

SEPT 2008 TO MAY 2009
41" now 42 3/4"
36 lbs now 40 lbs
4.5 yrs now 5.5 yrs

Our trip to Washington

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Our Mother's Day tradition is going to my parent's home in Otis Orchards, Washington. My mom's birthday is on or close to Mother's Day, so we all go to my folk's to celebrate! This year we spent time at Riverfront Park with my brother Bob and his daughter Lindsey. The falls were beautiful. She also did a little shopping with her aunties. Taylor loves spending time with her aunties Kerry, Sherry and Tammy, as well as her g'ma & g'pa. Thank you for a wonderful vacation! We always miss everyone when we leave, but look forward to our next visit. XOX

Adoption Match Update From China

This is the latest update on matches from China.
China Center for Adoption Affairs, (CCAA) Status:
Children matched through March 8 - March 14, 2006

Jr. Kindergarten Graduation

Taylor has graduated from Holy Love after three wonderful years. She began in Pre-school the Fall of 2006. When we interviewed with the director, Mary Stephenson, she said Taylor was too young (just under 3). Then she asked Taylor what her favorite book was and when she answered, "Anastasia is my favorite book", Mary said, "Oh, she needs to come here now!" Taylor met Michelle on her first day at Holy Love and they are still BFF's. Her second year was in Pre-Kindergarten where she learned confidence. This year Jr. K was special because she really came into her own. She was no longer the shy girl in class but a nice, friendly, bright girl who listens and loves to come to school.At graduation, each child told what they want to be when they grow up and Taylor said a ballerina. Taylor liked the treasure hunt on Pirate Day the best. We are so proud of Taylor and are excited for Kindergarten in the Fall. Taylor is now a member of the graduating class of 2022!