We all share the same moon no matter where we are in the world!

Dec 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Tay

Taylor's 8th birthday was super fun! She invited girlfriends over for pizza, cake, and a visit to the Denver zoo lights. We came home for hot cocoa and freeze dance. It is such a wonder to watch girls just being girls. I love you Taytay, mommy

Nov 28, 2011

Heaven has one more Angel

Kip's mother Greta passed away on November 13th. She was a lovely woman with many wonderful qualities: giving, generous of heart, helpful, loving, always learning. She was a fun and loving grandma to Taylor and Kendy. As my mother-in-law she only gave advice if I asked but always showed her love to me. We became friends.

Margaret (Greta) Altman: Beloved Wife for 59 years of Robert Altman, Loving
Mother of Kurt (Terry), Peg, Charles (Gina). Dear Grandmother of Taylor,
Kendal, Alex, Evan and London. Greta lived her early years in Northern
Minnesota with parents Peter & Margaret Loscheider, sisters Antoinette,
Doris, Germaine, Agnes, Marlene and the late Geraldine and Viola: brothers
Robert, Peter and the late Lawrence. She was an adored aunt to many nieces
and nephews. In Highland Park Greta became an avid Cubs fan and her
autographed Ernie Banks photo has its place of honor. She worked for 22
years as a pharmacy technician at Osco company. A memorial mass will be
held at 10:00 am Saturday, December 3 at Immaculate Conception Church 770
W. Deerfield Road Highland Park, IL. Visitation in the church before mass.
Luncheon will be served following mass in the parish center of Immaculate
Conception. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to Catholic
Charities of Lake County 761 S. Lewis Ave. Waukegan, IL 60085 or Midwest
Palliative and Hospice Care 2050 Claire Ct. Glenview IL 60025

Nov 11, 2011

GSA Fall Harvest Sweetheart Dance

Taylor and I attended the GSA Fall Harvest Sweetheart Dance together. She was beautiful in her ruffled blue dress. We met up with Isabella, Elliana, and Esme at the dance. The girls had fun dancing and running around. I love to see such freedom in Taylor!

Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

The girls went out trick-or-treating this year around the neighborhood. Taylor designed her Gypsy fortune teller outfit and Kendy went as a cat. Both girls used their cool goodie bags Grandma Greta made for them. Of course they collected lots of candy and we ate it all! We also went to Nick's garden center for their fall festivities and Tagawa's as well.

Oct 30, 2011

Disneyland Vacation

We took the kids to So. California for Taylor's Fall break from school to see family and Disneyland. The girls had so much fun as did Kip and I. The trip almost didn't happen....Kip returned from Chicago late the night before and was up all night with the stomach flu and was in no condition to fly. We rearranged our travel schedule and made a late afternoon flight amidst a snow storm.
On our way finally to fun in the sun! Kendy loved cruising through Disneyland via stroller and going on the rides. Minnie and Mickey were there to greet us and the girls got their autographs and pictures. Kendy was a little frightened at first but soon warmed up to the characters and was carrying her own autograph book. Kendy especially loved the teacups! Taylor loved meeting Rapunzel and riding the bigger rides like the Matterhorn and Raiders of the Lost Ark. I loved being there with Kip and the girls. We all had a blast and followed the parade out of the park at closing.
Next we went to Auntie Sherry's house and spent some time with cousins TD & Marjolein, Sasha and Saskia and Kirk and Brock and Maddie. We went swimming, played at the park, went to the beach and hung out with Auntie Sherry. WE also went to a local school carnival and got some great ideas for our school next year. It is always sad to leave family, but happy to be home again.

Sep 27, 2011

Up, up, up!

Kendy is fascinated with the computer. I found the learning games with Winnie the Pooh that we used with Taylor, and she really loved them too. The mouse is a challenge but she is coming along a little bit better each day. She understands what we are asking or saying but just can't express herself verbally yet. Thank goodness I love her babble!

Jul 28, 2011


Kendy My baby celebrated turning 2 today!
And what a fun day! Grandma Milly came from Washington to help celebrate. Big sister Taylor was a huge help in organizing the soiree at the pool; however, I had a surprise. We started with Blossom, a balloon animal extrordinaire and glitter tatoo artist. The kids were fascinated and spent over an hour watching while each child's balloon animal came to life. I wanted the PRINCESS glitter tatoo, but then I remembered it wasn't MY party and besides I am the Queen. Kendy got the hot pink & green PRINCESS along with a matching Bee on her arm. Her Bear ballon was holding a big pink heart. We ate pizza, fruit, and lots of cupcakes. My motto...eat more cake! Kendy was so cute opening her gifts with a little help from Taylor. After help with a few gifts, Kendy got the hang of it. Of course one of her favorites was the big red balloon from the big bunch we had at the pool. Kendy rolled and kicked and played toss with Grandma Milly all evening. All the kids went swimming. Kendy loved using her new kick board in the pool. She is not afraid of the water and laughs when I dunk her. We are working on closing her mouth so she doesn't drink in the pool water. Kaylanee and family came up from Co. Sprigs to spend the afternoon with us. Both girls look happy and healthy. Taylor was happy to spend time with Lexee. After a fun-filled day we called it naptime. Kendy's birthday ended with rootbeer floats and a good book. Sleep tight Sweet Pea I love you. XOX mama

Kendy weighs 25 pounds and stands 33 inches tall. She can see and say "ball, mama, bird, bye-bye, book, star, shoe, and wee for swing". Her favorite things to do are color, swing, slide, push her grocery cart, and read her books. She sleeps in her own bedroom and when she wakes upin the morning around 6 she sometimes gets to snuggle with mama and daddy.

Jul 21, 2011

Horseback Camp

Taylor and a few girlfriends spent the day at Horse camp. Penny seemed to agree with Taylor that a fun day was had by all!

Jul 20, 2011

Kendy's 1st Hair Cut

My little Lian ladybug got her first hair cut by a sweet friend of mine. Kendy was so still and sat on my lap and played with clips while her hair was styled into a cute little bob. The longer fringe was cut to meet the shortest top layer. When Kendy first came home with us, her hair was short and fine and now it is healthy and has a smooth texture. She used to have a bald spot across the back of her head separating her hair into two sections and now that is all grown in too. Taylor also got her new school do by adding bangs again. She wants tinsel in her hair this year rather than re-doing her blond streak...okay by me.

Jul 16, 2011

Kendy's Big Girl Bed

Kendy is a sweet fun-loving little girl with the most charming smile that lights up a room. And...Kendy moved in to her own bedroom and her big girl bed! She seems to be okay with it. Previously, we spent naptime and a few nights falling asleep in the bed, so she would get used to it. I figure if I wear her out, she'll sleep anywhere! Kendy has moved into Tay's green room, so I have been busy moving clothing and toys from one room to another. It is a great way to purge. Did I mention that she has more shoes than me?!

May 16, 2011

Tay's Chinese Speech on her trip to China May 2011.mp4

Click here to view this video

Taylor participated in GVA's Oratorical Festival this year and gave her speech on our adoption trip to China and what she enjoyed the most. Of course she spoke about making new friends, all the shopping, sight-seeing/touring, and finally getting her little sister Kendy.
I am so proud of Taylor and her ability to speak Mandarin with such a beautiful voice. wo ai ni Taytay

May 14, 2011

Kendy Back in the Hospital

My little Kendy now weighs 11 kg and is 32" tall! I know this because we are back in the hospital with breathing problems. What starts as a copld soon traelled to her lungs along with high fever tha won't stay down. This time around Kendy is drinking and eating a little so no IV is in place; however, she is on oxygen since yesterday.
Tay and daddy came to visit last night and are arriving soon to say hi. Kendy is sleeping a lot and really loves lying on my chest for comfort. I am taking care of my raging sinus infection too.

May 13, 2011

GVA Oratorical Festival

Taylor and her friend and classmate Isabella were asked to give their Chinese speeches at the school festival. Taylor did a wonderful job and we couldn't be prouder.

Apr 15, 2011

Our Adoption Agency Ranked #1

We want to share great news with you. Chinese Children Adoption International, CCAI, has been ranked the #1 Adoption Agency by the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA, formerly CCAA) for overall assessment among the 178 international adoption agencies or countries around the world placing children from China!!

This ranking (released on March 28, 2011) is the first ever by the Chinese government.

Mar 14, 2011

3rd Annual Chinese Speech Contest

"Hello, my name is Taylor. I am in the first grade at Global Village Academy.
This past Fall my family took a trip to China. There were so many cool things to see and do, and these are four of my favorite:
making new friends, shopping, sight-seeing, and adopting my little sister.
First, I met four girls about my age in our travel group. We became friends and hung out together. We went swimming and shopping. We had movie night in our hotel room and we laughed a lot. I loved playing with girls my own age.
Second, we did a lot of shopping for fun and to buy souvenirs. I had the most fun at the Pearl Market because there were so many pearls and beads to make jewelry. I picked out a bag for myself and a friend. I also liked seeing the shops selling eels and scorpions to eat.
Third, we did a lot of sight-seeing. My two favorite spots were the zoo and a Buddhist Temple. At the Guangzhou City Zoo I saw a big panda and took his picture. I also took pictures of an elephant who kept posing for me. At the Buddhist Temple we were given a family blessing. That was special for me since we were adopting my sister.
And fourth, my favorite memory of China was seeing my little sister for the first time. She had the biggest smile when we got her. I felt great and it is cool being a big sister. I love my mei mei Kendy!
I will never forget my trip to China. It was the best trip I have ever taken and I can't wait to go again.
Thank you"

Tay gave this speech in front of the school. She did an awesome job! I am so proud of her.

Mar 11, 2011

Kendy's Check-up

Kendy is Healthy!

I took Kendy in for her first well baby visit! She weighs 22 pounds in the 20% and is 32 inches tall in the 47%. She has grown 28% since arriving home. She looks good. She does have excema on her face so we follow a regiment to keep her skin smooth and not itchy. she has started her vaccines as well. This picture was pre-shots of course!

Feb 27, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Taylor

6 Years!

6 years ago we gathered with 12 other families on a Sunday morning in the Miracle Hotel conference room in Guiyang, China. We waited and watched as 12 families before us met their new little daughters and left for their hotel rooms. Last but not least in walked the representatives from Luodian Social Welfare Institute from Luodian carrying Ella and then Taylor. I knew it was Taylor from her tiny little body, round head, pouty lips, rosy cheeks, soulful eyes, and beautiful face. She had been in my heart for so long that it seemed perfectly normal to take this baby in my arms and call her mine. I went right up to the nanny holding her and reached out for her and took her in my arms.
Taylor you are my blessing everyday and I am so thankful you are my daughter.
Wo ai ni baby, Mommy
上帝保佑你的家人 = God bless your Family!