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Jul 20, 2011

Kendy's 1st Hair Cut

My little Lian ladybug got her first hair cut by a sweet friend of mine. Kendy was so still and sat on my lap and played with clips while her hair was styled into a cute little bob. The longer fringe was cut to meet the shortest top layer. When Kendy first came home with us, her hair was short and fine and now it is healthy and has a smooth texture. She used to have a bald spot across the back of her head separating her hair into two sections and now that is all grown in too. Taylor also got her new school do by adding bangs again. She wants tinsel in her hair this year rather than re-doing her blond streak...okay by me.

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  1. They both look adorable. Our daughter-to-be has a bob and I was able to send her a Chinese barbie doll with a bob.



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