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Sep 30, 2010

Blessings, Prayers and Good Wishes

Thank you all for your blessings and prayers and good wishes! I am keeping them all and will share them with Kendy. Kip, Taylor and I are so full of love that words can not express it any other way right now. Okay maybe pure Joy! It is fun to share this experience with Taylor. She was so excited when I came to her school yesterday (after the call) and opened her classroom door. She knew immediately why I was there and jumped up with a big smile and practically danced over to the door. Her classmates and teacher all kept saying Bye Taylor A. (bye Taylor A's mom). Apparently they had all been told to expect Taylor's departure. We skipped to the car where I showed her the first picture of Kendy. Taylor knew the camera was on for her first reaction, so it was a little subdued but later she said,"she doesn't have any hair...she is cute...wow, cool".
It takes a van filed with family and friends to raise a child! Thank you for all your love, support & friendship throughout this experience.

Our Little Ladybug

We got the call at 11am this morning from CCAI and we conferenced in Kip!! YAY!!

~ Kendal May XinFan ~
named after Kip's mom Greta May
Chinese name: Lian Xin Fan Xin means new; Fan means Sail
Birth date: July 28, 2009 (14 months 2 days)
Birth place: Guandong Province (we will stay in Guangzhou where US Consulate is in China)
Orphanage: Lian Jiang SWI
Match day: Sept 30, 2010
Gotcha day: ???
Travel dates: 5-8 weeks or so
LID: May 16, 2006
Big sister: Jie Jie Taytay
Features: 1 tooth 20.9 Lbs 29" Tall as of Aug26, 2010
Andrea from CCAI said she looks so sweet and healthy with really big cheeks and some fuzzy hair! We were able to conference in Kip and email him a picture. I am going to the agency now to see two more pictures and say yes for our family!

We hope to travel in 6-8 weeks and stay for two weeks in China before bringing Kendy home by year-end. The next step is to schedule an appointment with the US Consult in Guangzhou, China where we will be issued a Visa to bring Kendy into the USA.

Taylor is so excited to finally get her little sister, her mei mei (may may). The paperwork process actually began in January of 2006 and China received and logged us in on May 16, 2006. The wait has been at times unbearable, but also we were given time to be with Taylor and that is a treasure we will always cherish.

Terry, Kip & Taylor

Sep 29, 2010

The Call is Tomorrow

Matches have arrived and we are "expecting" the call tomorrow!! Some families have posted they are matched with 4-5 month old babies!! OMG! I don't know what to say. Quoting another soon-to-be-mom, my hubby will have a heart attack if we are matched that young! We believe that we are matched with the child we are too receive. Her birth mother will forever be in our hearts and minds and we wish she could know just how much she is loved already.

PS. Spent the day with friends Pam & Natalie and kiddos waiting for news.

Taylor's thoughts on Being a BIG SISTER

This is my beautiful little girl Taylor, almost 7!
Taylor's thoughts on being a BIG SISTER: "I think it's going to be cool being a BIG SISTER! I want to teach her the ABC's and my books,and that she can learn how to laugh and not cry so much. I will teach her how to spell her name and play peek-a-boo! I'm excited to love her and teach her more things. I can't believe it is finally happening, man we have waited forever!" So true.

Sep 27, 2010

Matches Mailed!

Great news this morning.....CCAA has mailed the matches and our little girl's face and info is in that envelope. We hope and pray that we will meet this week!

Pam Whitfield- Caro OH I am so excited!! I can't wait to celebrate someday
this week!! YAY!!
Becky Helm Wow. Great news!'. Keep us posted!!
Natalie Walsh Yippee! Can't wait!
Deana Watkins So exciting!
Sheri Cox Whetstine Oh, YAY! Finally. It's been a LONG wait! Happy for you
guys ~ =D
Dianne Noda Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! Mailed!! Wooohoooo! Come on Kendy!!
Torrie Hansen wow. I can't even believe it, really.
Susie Woollett De Long Congrats! Can't wait to see the pictures.
Kerry Kropp Cox OMG! OMG! OMG! YAY!!!! XO
Barbara Hart Fantastic news... we are all waiting to hear and see pics too!
Christine LaBelle Toulouse Yea!!! Can't wait!

Sep 12, 2010

Mermaids and Rockies

Taylor's friend Isabella celebrated her 7th birthday at the Denver Aquarium with a few girlfriends. The girls had a blast and of course Taylor wants to do her birthday there too! Later we went to the Rockies baseball game with Pam and her two kids. The girls had a blast cheering on the Rockies, eating, and checking out the playground.

Sep 10, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Lindsey & Joe's Wedding Weekend in Spokane, Washington on August 22 2010. We had a wonderful weekend spending time with my family and celebrating my niece's wedding. Unfortunately Kip couldn't be with us and he was greatly missed. Taylor loved spending time with her cousin Hailey in and out of Grandma's pool, and the wedding was cool (she said romantic but then got embarrassed)! Enjoy the show!

China's One Child Policy

Hi Rumor Queen,

Have you seen this article about China phasing out the one-child policy in low population provinces?


RumorQueen Says:

I haven’t seen that particular article, but this is not new, they started doing this years ago. Areas with negative population growth have had very relaxed rules for a long time – at least six or seven years, maybe more. Areas with uncontrolled population growth still have very tight rules.

Most provinces allow for more than one child if both parents are an only child, several have allowed it for a while if only one parent is an only child. It looks like they are making some of the relaxed rules even more official now.

Sep 8, 2010

Kendy Altman Baby Pool Winner

As you all know, Terry, Kip and Taylor too, should be matched with their baby early September.

Cast your vote today for the age of Kendy (Kendal) Altman at the time of referral.
Hurry though, the month will pass quickly!
Be specific with your guess -- 8 months, 6 days sort of thing
$5.00 for each guess. All bets going to the new baby and the winner receiving something special.
Please mail a check to Terry's mom or give cash to Patty Greslin or me, Natalie.
Please be sure to e mail me your guesses so I can add you to the list.

Milly Kropp
P.O. Box 55
Otis Orchards, WA 99027

Thanks so much
Natalie Walsh & Patty Greslin

Pam Caro: Hey Terry,
Driving to school this morning Taylor, Sydney, and I played "GUESS HOW OLD KENDY WILL BE" so I threw in $5.00 and the CLOSEST person gets the cash!! Taylor guessed 8 months and 19 days!! Sydney guessed 13 months and 13 days. We'll find out NEXT WEEK!! And see who wins the Altman Baby Pool for Real!! SO excited!!

Natalie Rivero Walsh: I REALLY like Tay's guess! he he he

Pam Caro Of course you do Natalie!! No surprise there!! ;-)

Age at Referral Guesses:
Terry: 16 mo. 6 days Kip: 24/7
Taylor: 8/19 Grandma Milly: 15/5
Grandpa George: 19/3 Pam: 16/7
Sydney: 13/13 Miah: 9/12
Natalie: 7/18 8/18 Patty: 16/2 19/28
Sherry: 18/3 26/3 32/18Lynn K: 10/14
Marjorie: 6/22 Carol: 8/27
Candy: 21/3 Earl:16/7

Sep 4, 2010

We should be matched with our baby from China in the next few weeks! I will post pictures as soon as we receive them. It will be a happy day for our family.