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Sep 30, 2010

Blessings, Prayers and Good Wishes

Thank you all for your blessings and prayers and good wishes! I am keeping them all and will share them with Kendy. Kip, Taylor and I are so full of love that words can not express it any other way right now. Okay maybe pure Joy! It is fun to share this experience with Taylor. She was so excited when I came to her school yesterday (after the call) and opened her classroom door. She knew immediately why I was there and jumped up with a big smile and practically danced over to the door. Her classmates and teacher all kept saying Bye Taylor A. (bye Taylor A's mom). Apparently they had all been told to expect Taylor's departure. We skipped to the car where I showed her the first picture of Kendy. Taylor knew the camera was on for her first reaction, so it was a little subdued but later she said,"she doesn't have any hair...she is cute...wow, cool".
It takes a van filed with family and friends to raise a child! Thank you for all your love, support & friendship throughout this experience.

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