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Sep 8, 2010

Kendy Altman Baby Pool Winner

As you all know, Terry, Kip and Taylor too, should be matched with their baby early September.

Cast your vote today for the age of Kendy (Kendal) Altman at the time of referral.
Hurry though, the month will pass quickly!
Be specific with your guess -- 8 months, 6 days sort of thing
$5.00 for each guess. All bets going to the new baby and the winner receiving something special.
Please mail a check to Terry's mom or give cash to Patty Greslin or me, Natalie.
Please be sure to e mail me your guesses so I can add you to the list.

Milly Kropp
P.O. Box 55
Otis Orchards, WA 99027

Thanks so much
Natalie Walsh & Patty Greslin

Pam Caro: Hey Terry,
Driving to school this morning Taylor, Sydney, and I played "GUESS HOW OLD KENDY WILL BE" so I threw in $5.00 and the CLOSEST person gets the cash!! Taylor guessed 8 months and 19 days!! Sydney guessed 13 months and 13 days. We'll find out NEXT WEEK!! And see who wins the Altman Baby Pool for Real!! SO excited!!

Natalie Rivero Walsh: I REALLY like Tay's guess! he he he

Pam Caro Of course you do Natalie!! No surprise there!! ;-)

Age at Referral Guesses:
Terry: 16 mo. 6 days Kip: 24/7
Taylor: 8/19 Grandma Milly: 15/5
Grandpa George: 19/3 Pam: 16/7
Sydney: 13/13 Miah: 9/12
Natalie: 7/18 8/18 Patty: 16/2 19/28
Sherry: 18/3 26/3 32/18Lynn K: 10/14
Marjorie: 6/22 Carol: 8/27
Candy: 21/3 Earl:16/7

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