We all share the same moon no matter where we are in the world!

Oct 30, 2010

How we chose Kendal

Can't wait to meet our little Lian ladybug we have named Kendal May Xinfan. Of course, we call her Kendy. We chose the name Kendal 4.5 years ago while vacationing with our 2.5 year old daughter also from China. While playing at the pool a little 11 year old Asian girl joined us. She too was adopted from China and her name was Kendall. My little Taytay was smitten by her and followed her from pool to hot tub and back again. No one else had ever been able to gain her attention and acceptance away from mommy quite like this. It was clear that we had found the name for our second daughter. We just didn't know it would take almost 5 years to actually hold her.
Our paper chase began in January of 2006 and as we near the end of 2010, we feel blessed to have made the right decision for our family and raise Taylor, our beautiful, kind, sweet daughter while waiting for our time to go back to China for Kendy.
Emotional, yes. Excited, beyond words. In love, absolutely!

Oct 25, 2010

Kendy Updates

Our sweetie pie! Kendy looks healthy and we hope she is loved....can't wait to squeeze her cheeks! We have our travel arranged, and we are so excited to have a 7 hour (really 5) lay-over at LAX. Auntie Sherry is coming for lunch, to see Taytay, and meet Kendy. Of course we can't wait for all of our family and friends to meet Kendy and give Taytay a big hug too.
We have our travel group conference call with CCAI this Wednesday to finalize the trip. We did not receive any updates to Kendy's height, weight, or overall condition, but in the pictures she looks good. We need to be prepared for a bottle baby! Kip said he would be in charge of potty training! Both grandmas heard it!
Counting down the days until we go...Nov. 4!

Oct 22, 2010

Fall Festivals in Full Force

I love Fall! The colors, the leaves, the cool sleeping weather, caramel apples, and festivals! We usually go to Delaney Farm, Nicks or Tagawa's garden center, and this year we added May Farms, out East in Byers, CO. We went with Sydney and Miah and mom for a morning of fun at May Farms. The girls learned about chickens (Lay one egg a day for about two years....that's a lot of chicks!), fed a goat, picked a pumpkin, dug potatoes, gathered small gourds of every shape and texture, rode a tractor train ride and met a few barn kittens. The girls had so much fun, and I think they loved the dirt most! We used the trick-or-treat bag Grandma Greta made for Taylor in 2005 as our gathering bag. It got pretty heavy with the potatoes and gourds. This year Taylor wants to dress up as Taylor Swift so we will post pictures of the final decision. Earlier in October, my mom and mother-in-law werre both in town and we took them to Nick's for and Delaney Farm. Taylor was so happy to have an audience of adoring grandmas to see her jump and play!

Oct 19, 2010

Visas, TA's and Packing Oh My

We finally received word that our Travel Approval arrived yesterday! And our Visa applications were just mailed yesterday too. We have been Now I am in panic mode for packing. I have laid out a suitcase and have started tossing in things I think I might want to take and will edit later. Last time 5.5 years ago we over packed with too much adult clothing and shoes and jackets. This time we will limit what we need, and if necessary use the laundry services again. You can never pack too many undies & socks! I also use my own pillow cases. The weather should be fabulous!
*Two baby carriers, one for me and one for daddy in case she is small enough to wear against my heart. I loved this with Taylor and so did she. We rented a stroller for a few days in Guangzhou.
*I am using a Barbie lunch box for all medications. Must remember a good antibiotic for the adults and one for the kids, along with Benedryl, mucinex, and pedialyte, band-aids, good face moisturizer/sunscreen for kids, Tylenol, and our vitamins. I will wait and see if any updatres to the bottle thing. Didn't do that before!
*More good things to include are the individual cups of peanut butter, cheese & pretzel sticks, and individual bags of crackers.
*Gift list for items to buy and save for each Gotcha day: 18 items for Kendy like a pearl necklace, Chinese dress, her name stamp, a fan, little things as each year comes that will be special for her.
*The beany baby worm. I mailed Kendy one and hopefully she will get it (I have 3 in case one gets lost!), a few small light-up toys and soft blocks/books, a special blanket for her.
*Books, workbook, crayons and paper for play for Taylor.
*Two backpacks for us to carry on with all paperwork and bathroom essentials. You can buy everything you would ever need in China, but I have my favorite things I can not live without like my toothpaste.
*Clothing, blanket, shoes to give the orphanage. This will open space for the return. Make sure to leave room for purchases! We bought an extra suit case last time.
*Ahhhh! yes, test camera and video, extra battery charger, camera cards, and COMPUTER if my DH will bring his. I want to upload and journal our journey!

Oct 10, 2010

Baby Shower for Kendy, Taylor and Mom

Taylor and friends
DH Kip, my mom Milly, Pam, Brigitte, Me, and Greta my Mother-in-law
Surprise Baby Shower!
What a wonderful way to spend a rainy Sunday: friends, family and food! I want to express a heartfelt thank you to my wonderful friends for making our match with Kendy and Taylor so special. We were given a surprise baby shower orchestrated by Patty, Diane, Pam & Natalie along with the help from other friends too. I was so happy that Taylor was made to feel special by including a table set just for the girls. The food and wine were delicious and the cake was so cool with Kendy's match pictures decorated in icing, simply my fav.
My mom and mother-in-law Greta also made the celebration and along with Kip were able to keep me distracted and kept the surprise. I am overwhelmed with the love and generosity you, my friends & family, have shown toward my family and will always hold you in my heart. You all have great taste in girls clothing too! Now could you dress me?
XOX Terry & Taylor

Oct 3, 2010

Lianjiang, Guangdong Province

This is the link to where Kendy is currently living. Her Chinese last name Lian, is taken from the place (City & orphanage).
She was found at approximately 2 weeks old. This is such an emotional message to share, but one that is part of her beginning story. Hopefully we will receive more information to help fill in our own questions. We have also found out that a family we know adopted their daughter from the same place. We are excited to learn from them...the irony is that we shared Taylor's story with them when they were deciding to adopt the summer of 2005!
Tomorrow we sign our acceptance letter stating YES! WE want her!