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Oct 19, 2010

Visas, TA's and Packing Oh My

We finally received word that our Travel Approval arrived yesterday! And our Visa applications were just mailed yesterday too. We have been Now I am in panic mode for packing. I have laid out a suitcase and have started tossing in things I think I might want to take and will edit later. Last time 5.5 years ago we over packed with too much adult clothing and shoes and jackets. This time we will limit what we need, and if necessary use the laundry services again. You can never pack too many undies & socks! I also use my own pillow cases. The weather should be fabulous!
*Two baby carriers, one for me and one for daddy in case she is small enough to wear against my heart. I loved this with Taylor and so did she. We rented a stroller for a few days in Guangzhou.
*I am using a Barbie lunch box for all medications. Must remember a good antibiotic for the adults and one for the kids, along with Benedryl, mucinex, and pedialyte, band-aids, good face moisturizer/sunscreen for kids, Tylenol, and our vitamins. I will wait and see if any updatres to the bottle thing. Didn't do that before!
*More good things to include are the individual cups of peanut butter, cheese & pretzel sticks, and individual bags of crackers.
*Gift list for items to buy and save for each Gotcha day: 18 items for Kendy like a pearl necklace, Chinese dress, her name stamp, a fan, little things as each year comes that will be special for her.
*The beany baby worm. I mailed Kendy one and hopefully she will get it (I have 3 in case one gets lost!), a few small light-up toys and soft blocks/books, a special blanket for her.
*Books, workbook, crayons and paper for play for Taylor.
*Two backpacks for us to carry on with all paperwork and bathroom essentials. You can buy everything you would ever need in China, but I have my favorite things I can not live without like my toothpaste.
*Clothing, blanket, shoes to give the orphanage. This will open space for the return. Make sure to leave room for purchases! We bought an extra suit case last time.
*Ahhhh! yes, test camera and video, extra battery charger, camera cards, and COMPUTER if my DH will bring his. I want to upload and journal our journey!

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