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Oct 22, 2010

Fall Festivals in Full Force

I love Fall! The colors, the leaves, the cool sleeping weather, caramel apples, and festivals! We usually go to Delaney Farm, Nicks or Tagawa's garden center, and this year we added May Farms, out East in Byers, CO. We went with Sydney and Miah and mom for a morning of fun at May Farms. The girls learned about chickens (Lay one egg a day for about two years....that's a lot of chicks!), fed a goat, picked a pumpkin, dug potatoes, gathered small gourds of every shape and texture, rode a tractor train ride and met a few barn kittens. The girls had so much fun, and I think they loved the dirt most! We used the trick-or-treat bag Grandma Greta made for Taylor in 2005 as our gathering bag. It got pretty heavy with the potatoes and gourds. This year Taylor wants to dress up as Taylor Swift so we will post pictures of the final decision. Earlier in October, my mom and mother-in-law werre both in town and we took them to Nick's for and Delaney Farm. Taylor was so happy to have an audience of adoring grandmas to see her jump and play!

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