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Oct 25, 2010

Kendy Updates

Our sweetie pie! Kendy looks healthy and we hope she is loved....can't wait to squeeze her cheeks! We have our travel arranged, and we are so excited to have a 7 hour (really 5) lay-over at LAX. Auntie Sherry is coming for lunch, to see Taytay, and meet Kendy. Of course we can't wait for all of our family and friends to meet Kendy and give Taytay a big hug too.
We have our travel group conference call with CCAI this Wednesday to finalize the trip. We did not receive any updates to Kendy's height, weight, or overall condition, but in the pictures she looks good. We need to be prepared for a bottle baby! Kip said he would be in charge of potty training! Both grandmas heard it!
Counting down the days until we go...Nov. 4!


  1. Terry, Kip and Taylor
    Little Miss is stunning and I couldn't be more happy for all of you. She is P-E-R-F-E-C-T in every way.
    Taylor is going to be such a great big sister I cannot wait to watch how the two of them bond.
    Way to go Kip on the training! No mom will ever say no to that!

  2. Today is THE day! Can't wait to see photos and know that your family is complete! So happy for you! And I'm in the same time zone so will be thinking of you when it happens! Love to you all! Welcome little Kendy!


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