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Jul 28, 2011


Kendy My baby celebrated turning 2 today!
And what a fun day! Grandma Milly came from Washington to help celebrate. Big sister Taylor was a huge help in organizing the soiree at the pool; however, I had a surprise. We started with Blossom, a balloon animal extrordinaire and glitter tatoo artist. The kids were fascinated and spent over an hour watching while each child's balloon animal came to life. I wanted the PRINCESS glitter tatoo, but then I remembered it wasn't MY party and besides I am the Queen. Kendy got the hot pink & green PRINCESS along with a matching Bee on her arm. Her Bear ballon was holding a big pink heart. We ate pizza, fruit, and lots of cupcakes. My motto...eat more cake! Kendy was so cute opening her gifts with a little help from Taylor. After help with a few gifts, Kendy got the hang of it. Of course one of her favorites was the big red balloon from the big bunch we had at the pool. Kendy rolled and kicked and played toss with Grandma Milly all evening. All the kids went swimming. Kendy loved using her new kick board in the pool. She is not afraid of the water and laughs when I dunk her. We are working on closing her mouth so she doesn't drink in the pool water. Kaylanee and family came up from Co. Sprigs to spend the afternoon with us. Both girls look happy and healthy. Taylor was happy to spend time with Lexee. After a fun-filled day we called it naptime. Kendy's birthday ended with rootbeer floats and a good book. Sleep tight Sweet Pea I love you. XOX mama

Kendy weighs 25 pounds and stands 33 inches tall. She can see and say "ball, mama, bird, bye-bye, book, star, shoe, and wee for swing". Her favorite things to do are color, swing, slide, push her grocery cart, and read her books. She sleeps in her own bedroom and when she wakes upin the morning around 6 she sometimes gets to snuggle with mama and daddy.

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  1. Sounds wonderful, especially the root beer floats and nap :)



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