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Nov 8, 2010

My Favorite Moment....Gotcha!

Again we took our busses for the 20 minute drive over and unloaded in a part of town that we were advised not to go to on our own, ever. The 8th floor was packed with families from all over and other agencies. Some were sitting with their new babies, lots of crying and chaos. Our babies from Lianjiang were in the playroom behind a curtain. I wanted to just go in there and grab Kendy! We double checked our paperwork and then after 20 minutes they started calling family names. Of course we wanted it alphabetically! We were the 3rd family called and we walked up to the center of the room and they walked out with Kendal May Xinfan and put her right into my arms. There was so much adrenaline going through our bodies that I am thankful someone took pictures. My first thoughts were how tiny and cute she is and how happy; Kip thought she looked better than her pictures; Taylor thought she looked more beautiful than her pictures. She kept a little giggle going on the entire time we waited at the Center. The SWI representative said she was a happy baby and well-liked by everyone. She just cooed and softly giggled while we went through the process. Thankfully Kip took video when we asked our questions about Kendy. She is still on a bottle and is not potty trained!! The bottle kind of scares me, but I will get it. Finally after a couple of hours we left and went back to the hotel. Taylor and I gave Kendy her first bath and bottle and then we went out to dinner. She fell asleep while we were walking and did not wake up until 7 am. Almost all the babies slept 1-12 hours. It felt good to get a good night’s sleep after spending so much time in chaos at the ARC.

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  1. Kendy is just precious. I just love her little face... she is adorable! I LOVE,LOVE,Love,seeing her in your arms!
    I can't wait to meet her in person.

  2. All I can says is "chills" and WOW...


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