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Nov 8, 2010

Gotcha Day

Monday Nov 8 White Swan Hotel Gotcha Baby Day!!

I hope I can put into words the journey we are experiencing. It is Gotcha Day today and all the families meet up for breakfast and then walk next door to the Bank of China to exchange our money. Then we had 4 hours to kill so we walked the streets just outside of the White Swan Hotel. It is similar to Cherry Creek North shopping in a grid but not quite as nice. Still it is sunny and warm and we are on cloud 9. Found the Starbucks a few blocks away and did a lot of comparison shopping for best prices. The shopkeepers were very excited! They know we are getting our “lucky baby” today and we will want and need to buy things from them. I actually did find the two dresses for my girls to wear on the Red Couch. We had lunch at a little deli connected to the hotel. Love the BBQ pork and rice dish with bok choy. Then it was time to get ready to go to the Adoption Registry Center of Guangzhou (ARC).

Funny, but we are actually calm having gone through this before with Taylor where I was not calm but over excited to say the least. My heart and nerves go out to the first timers not really knowing what to expect. My butterfly's hit me about 15 minutes before we load the bus at 2 pm to go the Civil Affairs office to receive the babies.

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  1. She seems to have taken to you right away! Congratulations; I'm sure it was an awesome day.


  2. Ah, finally. Your family is together. I am so happy. Taylor is going to be a fantastic big sis.

  3. Wonderful!!! I have goose bumps seeing the pictures and reading everything!! I can't wait to hold her and see you together as a family!!

    Big hugs and Kisses and much Love!

  4. I wanted to follow but just got back my laptop back... so great to see a Guangzhou girl... I remember that office well :) congrats...


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