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Nov 2, 2010

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

having some fun at the park with grandma Greta and friends!
Our bags are packed and loaded in the car! We leave at 8 am tomorrow for two weeks in sunny beautiful Honk Kong and Guangzhou, China.
This morning Taylor woke up early and leaned into my still sleeping face and said,
"Mommy, we leave for China tomorrow!"
The hotel crib is set up in our bedroom and a regular crib is in Kendy's room thanks to Pam. Natalie was a huge help in getting me over the hump and finishing some tasks that I was dragging my feet on....cleaning & organizing the playroom, sifting through my clothes for cute but comfy travel clothes (still looking), editing down the kids clothes (why can't I pack all Kendy's cute new clothes!), and just helping keep my sanity in check. I am actually pretty calm, especially since I have taken not 1 but 2 melatonin and am hoping to finish this entry before I nod off. As my friend Terra says, "If one is good, two is better!" That goes with kiddos too! My mother in law is here and ready to cat sit for us like the last time. Thank you Grandma Greta! Many thanks to our friends & family who have helped us make our dream possible when at times it was looking pretty bleak. This time next year I will still be amazed at how our family has grown and how this journey was the right one for us.
ps. love the graphic Julie!

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  1. I can imagine your excitement! Your friend at Ladybugs and Daffodils shared your website and I'll be following along on your journey. Thank you for sharing and best of luck!


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