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Nov 15, 2010

Monday 15th US Consulate Today

We call Kendy Shinfan-fan most of the time. Hard to believe since we have called her Kendy for 4+ years. She is so cute and I just can't get enough of her. She is wearing 12 month and I just roll up the 18 month items. She has a cute wardrobe already thanks to my friends and family!
Today was a big day! We had our Visa appointment interview at the US Consulate. Once approved we will be issued a Visa for Kendy to enter the US. This is the step that the US took away from Nepal and left 80+ adopting families hanging, one of them a family we know in Denver.
All immigrants must take an oath and so the adoptive parents all say it together. It brings tears to your eyes knowing this is the final step before going home. Actually, shopping is the final step but more on this later when Kip is not watching me. There was a small group of Boy Scouts from a local international school earning their badge for patriotism, so they stayed in the room with all of us. It was cute watching them watch all of us. You know when you get teary-eyed at a hallmark commercial? Well that is what it is like walking in the US consulate and seeing our flag. It is a very proud moment.
Dinner tonight was a huge success. Kendy ate mashed potatoes from a spoon!! She sat in the high chair at Lucy's on the patio and took about 5 bites of actual food. We count this as a major moment in China! Lucy's serves American and Asian food and the best french fries. We have had dinner there a few times so we can sit outside and Taylor and friends can play in the playground. The lighted boat parade goes by every night. It is really pretty. We also eat at the Deli (just outside the hotel) which serves fabulous BBQ Pork and rice with Bok choy. Their ice cream is awesome. We have tried the local Subway and McDonalds and both were delicious. We have had a group dinner and one more tonight at the Thai restaurant down the street, Cow and Bridge. Hopefully tonight's attempt will be much better than last week. Kendy is sitting in the high chair now and maybe she will eat again. My favorite dinner was at the Orient Express in an actual train car. We ate with the Davis family and enjoyed good wine and fine French cuisine. We are not going hungry.
The exchange rate is at 6.58%. We are getting great deals on everything, but it is still money spent. I am buying gifts for Kendy to give her on her yearly gotcha day. Some are very simple, like silk wrapped chopsticks and then some very nice, her pink pearls.
Taylor is playing with Kendy on the bed and taking pictures of her with daddy's camera. I love the sound of them together. Stop laughing; I have heard the not so nice sound from Kendy as well.
Green poop. Need I say more.
Off to the breakfast buffet we have every day at the White Swan.

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  1. Congratulations on the big event. The Boy Scouts must have been a surprise! How special for all of you to have them there.


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