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Nov 9, 2010

Our 2nd Day


We went back to the Adoption Registry Center of Guangzhou (ARC) to finalize our adoption with them. Yesterday was one of the happiest days for me, but also a sad one knowing that the babies are in shock and are starting to realize, hey, you are not my nanny. We are all a little bit nervous returning to the scene. We have made friends with a few other families from other agencies as well and they are there too. One gal about my age is here with her mom who is in a wheelchair and I am amazed at how they do it. Her baby is cleft palate and it looks pretty severe, but she just smiles. They are so full of love and grace that I could only hope to be like them.

The officials interviewed each family and asked if we promise to treat her like our own, give her a good education, not discriminate against her. We take our family Adoption Certificate picture and will get that tomorrow. We love her already. She is ours. Tonight we have a group dinner at the Cow and Bridge Thai restaurant. Many of you reading this have eaten there. I will include you in our dinner blessing. (dinner was a bust…Kendy would cry whenever we sat down so we traded off and walked her outside. Too much noise, bright lights, strange people, reality). Kendy is catching a little cold and had a more tearful day today. Even though it is to be expected, it still breaks your heart knowing she is probably in emotional pain and turmoil. She will go to me and Kip, but I wear her most of the time in a front carrier. She does not like people touching her, especially her head- She kind of squeaks when they do. Taylor was upset at first because she could not really touch her, but Kendy is getting used to her and will let her touch her now. We put a ribbon and bow in her hair this morning and she promptly removed it! We still got a good picture!

Our next stop was the grocery store to purchase diapers, formula, snacks, etc. We found what we needed and herded our group back to the busses and home to the hotel.

Kendy is napping and Kip & Taylor have gone to lunch. I am trying to upload pictures of our little ladybug so you all can see her! You will love her too. (finally have internet !!)


  1. I think the saddest part about international adoption, especially with the younger children, is that our great joy comes at the cost of their great sorrow. But they adapt with amazing speed, and if she's sad now, that means she attached before and will again. I know that you know all of this already, but I can't wait to see your posts a month from now. She'll probably be tearing around your house giggling up a storm!


  2. I echo what Ruby says and even reading those words is a reminder of our own daughters' stories but so true. Kendal already likes you and that's half the battle.
    Lynn's daughter still at age 8 protects her head. You'll have to chat with her about some things she's done if that remains a concern.
    Taylor is being the perfect big sister and I love the photo's of them together.


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