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Nov 27, 2010

One Week and Counting

Wow! What a difference a week makes. Adjustment and ??? is constant. I will not let her cry herself to sleep when she is standing up and just getting all worked up. At night she has small little outbursts but. she stays down and soothes herself. But last night she was back to double checking if I was still there...yes, I'm here little one. One touch on her back and she was good.It just took about 100 little touches. At 6 am she woke up and I gave her to daddy who was coming to check on us. Kendy and daddy went back to sleep in our bed and I went for coffee with grandpa.
This morning she is all smiles and giggles! She is eating and walking with help in her squeaky shoes. She loves playing with the house that Taylor had when she was little. It is set up in my family room. We have the square of play set up right on the carpet. She just finished lunch with Grandpa Bob when just yesterday she would look at him and give that face that says, stay away from me. Grandma Greta is her new friend. Kendy still prefers me to change her (yeah poop!) and put her down for nap and bedtime. We have the house child-proofed finally. Gates are up, blind ropes are up, blockades to the kitchen and stairs are up, and she was up almost all night last night! Me too!
The funniest thing happened...Kip and Grandpa Bob went Black Friday shopping with Taylor's Wish List to Santa. In he walked with the item for Kendy that Taylor picked out from SANTA. Off Kip went to get something else from SANTA. Can't ruin the magic yet!
Actually the funniest thing was Kip going shopping on Black Friday!! After years of harassing me I am all over this one.
It is 60 and sunny. We are going out to find some fabric with Grandma Greta today. She is making a one piece suit that Kendy can wear to bed or out to keep her warm if her blanket falls off. We are in love with this little gal! XOX

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  1. Love your new picture at the top of the blog. Glad to hear that everything is going well, and as awful as it sounds, enjoy that poop while it lasts :-)


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