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Nov 13, 2010

About Kendal

We call Kendy Xinfan (pronounced shinfawn) or XinfanKendy and she likes it. We were told the babies from Lianjiang were not used to strangers since they did not get out much. You could have heard a pin drop in the room when they told us this! One of the 8 year old girls back to get her baby sister is from Lianjiang and she is a cute girl, very tall. Kendy is the oldest in our travel group #1655 at 15 months, then the rest follow by two weeks, a month, etc.; the youngest is almost 10 months. The babies all were wearing the same outfit~pink corduroy pants and a long sleeve flowered sweatshirt.
Kendy weighs 21.6 pounds and I feel it. She has four teeth and soft skin. Her hair is soft too, not as coarse as some or as thick. I tried a bow and she let me take on picture and then off it went. We have a few special gifts for Taylor, the first one a charm bracelet. She is enjoying her sister and the friends she has made on the trip. She is the youngest and they occasionally let her know it. Ahhh, girls.
Kendy sleeps all night and takes a bottle for meals. She definitely does not like food...what?! Can she be mine! So far any attempt to put food in her mouth has been unsuccessful. She acts like she has never had anything in her mouth before. Until yesterday, she wouldn't even pick anything up. Definitely a sign of shutting down. Our first bath! No, Kendy does not like it!
It is good to see her reacting to things and reaching out now. She makes noises but like a 9 month old would. Oh so very different from Taylor. She is coming around and we are looking forward to a fun day today with our group. We are going to do some sightseeing. More to come, Kendy is waking up after sleeping all night again. Happy baby, happy mommy.


  1. Oh Terry, I love all the pictures! Keep them coming!

  2. Maybe she was discouraged from getting her hands in the way when being fed and spent her time in a walker? That would prevent her from picking things up or from eating anything that couldn't be fed to her in a spoon. Just a thought.

  3. I got my taylor at 10 months...5 years ago. She, too, didn't eat solid foods. She didn't know how as no on in the orphanage ever gave her anything but a bottle. As a brand new mom, I wasn't much help. It took a few months and the experienced teachers in her daycare to get her to eat solids. I think watching the other babies eat, too, helped. Peer pressure and all. To this day, she is orally defensive and very very picky, especially with different textures of food.

    Good luck. So enjoying watching your journey. Thank you.

  4. Kendal is so cute.I cannot wait to see her.


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