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Nov 15, 2010

Official Appointments and More about Kendal

Today we are going to get Kendy’s medical exam. It is a short walk about 4 blocks away. When we get there several people are wearing masks…no worry….sure, the clinic is full of healthy people! You should have seen the parents in our bunch freak a little over this….us included. I remember well how much Taylor screamed during this exam. I can only image what Kendy might do since she can hit a high note! We are to go to three stations 1-Check body weight, height & temperature, 2- A general medical check-up, 3-Check ears, nose & throat. Kendy weighed in at 21.6 pounds. I didn’t catch her height, but we will get the report back today. She did not have a fever. I was worried a little about that only because she always feels warm. It doesn’t help that it is 80 degrees with 50% humidity and hot flashes! Everything else looked fine and she only fussed a little. Really pretty simple and we will definitely have our pediatrician take a look at her. She appears healthy and well fed, but by no means chubby. Compared to Taylor at this age Kendy is about 6 pounds more. We know she must have eaten foods not just a bottle, but she is only taking a bottle. Her head whips away so fast when we offer food. I can’t believe she hasn’t bitten my finger! We keep trying with every meal and snack, but so far no interest in food. I even offered an Oreo (sorry to beat you to the punch Grandpa Bob).
The afternoon trip was to the passport agency to apply for Kendy’s Chinese passport. Again, the tour bus. It is actually a very nice bus, but crowded with fussy babies it becomes claustrophobic. One of the guides, Jocelyn, speaks the entire time giving us valuable information and knows just about everything we could ever hope to learn about Guangdong Province. I appreciate this since we received very little information regarding Taylor’s province of Guizhou. At the same time a little quiet time would be good too. Nothing eventful with this trip, but we do get to see a lot of Guangzhou and the people. We see lots of babies and small children and wave to them. Most people make a quick glance at us, but we are not unusual in this part of Guangzhou.

Kendy wakes up a few times during the night but immediately soothes herself and goes back to sleep. It is amazing how well all the babies are sleeping through the night. Our bus trips to official appointments are the hardest and she enjoys about 50% of the time while fussing the other 50%. It is too warm to carry her all the time so we have a stroller to walk around the island. We carry her everywhere else. I should have the best arms. She will walk a few steps when we hold her hands, but she is still unsteady on her feet. Kendy will walk around the bed and play with everything on the bedside table including the buttons which operate the lights, TV, radio etc. She is so cute and has several facial expressions that crack us up and scare us when we think of her as a teenager. The side glance with just her eyes…watch out! She will allow Taylor to touch her more and they play on the bed. We are reading to Kendy while she tries to eat the books. I love listening to Taylor talk to her. She is asking her if she can say “Kendal”. Very sweet.


  1. LOVE,LOVE, Love the last picture of you and your two beautiful daughters! (ha ha, I love saying that) Beautiful Photo!
    We had Jocelyn too. She was such a nice girl and very knowledgeable too. Glad you're enjoying Guangzhou and your new baby girl!

  2. From Patty:
    Ron & Natalie have really kept me on my toes with the blog and I have enjoyed every picture. They are all wonderful. Can't wait for you to get home!

  3. Ms. Lily's class:
    The kids have enjoyed seeing Taylor in China and think that the blog is really cool. Ms. Lily puts it on the smart board so everyone can see it. They laugh when they see the the cute pictures of Kendal. They all say they miss Taylor.

  4. So happy to see these amazing pictures!! Everything seems to be going well for you! I can't wait for you to get home but sad we'll be leaving immediately!! I will hope to have a Kendy date on Friday after you return and before I leave!! Take care!! It's almost time to return home!!


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