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Nov 7, 2010


Sunday noon we boarded our busses for a two-hour-but-took-four-hours ride into Guangzhou and are staying at the famous White Swan Hotel. With the Pan Asian games beginning soon in Guangzhou, the security and traffic is crazy. The city looks clean and baskets of flowers are everywhere. I really enjoyed my day with Taylor and getting my snuggles from her on the bus. She has been very excited about meeting Kendy, but worried she will not have as much mommy time. There was lots of time for Bubble gum bubble gum!

Being back at the White Swan feels right. We have been talking about it with Taylor retelling stories from her adoption trip. We opened our room door and there was the crib....tears, walked by the water fall....tears, sat in the playroom....tears! Such wonderful memories were made when we adopted Taylor.

Almost there...
.• ¸.•*¨)
¸.•´ (¸.*


  1. Congratulations on your arrival. This is when we finally relaxed! Glad you are able to have Taylor with you and share those happy memories.

  2. If you can read comments on your blog in China, I first want to say Congratulations! Your girls are beautiful. I adopted my daughter from China in 2005.

    I am a dear friend of Chris and Mary and now Jenna. Can you give them our love, a hug and let them know we got their phone message. Also, would you mind posting a picture of them on your blog? I know that is a lot to ask. Blessings to you and your families.

    Vonda Motsinger


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