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Nov 17, 2010

Missing Taylor

While Taylor was in China, Ms. Lily, Taylor's teacher enjoyed showing Taylor's classmates back at home the blog. She would log on in the morning and the kids would all enjoy seeing Taylor and her new baby sister. The class enjoyed commenting and making a welcome back poster for Taylor and Kendal.


  1. Ian says: Thanks Taylor for coming back
    Bruk says: Taylor is the best
    Ashley: I'm glad you're back Taylor A
    Audriana: I love Taylor A.
    Alailah: I love Taylor and Kendal
    Paige: I love Kendal
    Gabriel: Did you have a good time, was it cool in China?
    Devon: How much fun did you have in China?
    Chiavari: Do you like China?
    Tommy: I hope you had fun in China
    Essense: How are you with your sister?
    Faith: I hope you had fun in China
    Gissell: I love Taylor A
    Tri'Von: I miss you while you were in China
    Enrique: How was your trip to China?
    Annie: I missed Taylor A and Kendal
    Hosanna: I hope you're mama's better
    Arriele: I miss you guys and I hope you're having fun with your new baby sister
    Marycruz: How hot is it in China?
    Taylor M: How cold is it in China?
    Mariah: Is it clean in China?
    Isabella: I missed you and can't wait to sing with you
    Ms. Lily: We are waiting for you to come back! Please bring your mama and new baby sister and come and talk to the class about your trip.


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