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Dec 12, 2010

Taylor Happenings

Taylor is doing great in school. She has good friends and lots of fun classmates. She loves taekwondo and recently passed her green belt test. She is very excited. Last night at her school's after-school performance event Taylor was chosen to perform one of the demonstration forms all by herself in front of the crowd of parents and students. It is not that she is shy, but she is more of an introvert but still enjoys performing. She loves to dance and sing and wants to be in Hollywood. I am not sure she really knows what that means, but she does ask a lot of questions about Hollywood and what it would be like to live there. I tell her we will have to ask cousins Mandy and David. I hope to get her guitar lessons. Tay loves Taylor Swift and is learning the songs from her Christmas album. Taylor loves to read books to us, Kendy and anyone who will listen. I am so happy she enjoys reading and I hope this is the beginning of a life-long love.
Taytay is learning how to be a big sister with the help of her little sister! Sharing mommy time is sometimes difficult but we are trying to give the girls, especially Taylor one-on-one time each day. We both need our time together and bedtime is important for us to do the rituals together-wash, floss, brush, etc.

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  1. It's great that she loves her sport and is doing well at it. Great, too, that you make sure she gets one-on-one time. I have 10 siblings but always felt recognized as an individual with individual needs by my mother. Sometimes alone time can be scarce; I think that just makes it all the more special.



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