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Dec 17, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus

Taylor and Kendy met with Santa and Taylor did beautifully. Kendy...cried. I took her off his lap and let her stand near him while Tay stayed on Santa's lap. Kendy stopped crying and just spied him with her little eye. So cute. Thank you Patty for the adorable holiday outfits for my girls.
This year Taylor received a letter from Santa and Rudolph letting her know she was on the "Nice List". She was so excited; it even came with a certificate. Her Wish list is very short and she included a gift suggestion for her little sister too. I love her generosity.

Tay's classroom holiday party was a hit with the kids. Lots of crafts and yummy sweets to go around. We made a felt mouse with a candy cane tail that is now hanging on our Christmas tree. We have a few plans to see friends over the holiday break and just relax at home. We are excited to watch the kids open their Christmas presents and play together. HO Ho Ho to a Merry Christmas!


  1. You did a great job of capturing Kendy's reaction to Santa on camera! It's a good reaction too, I think, for our kids to be afraid of strangers who want you to sit on their lap and then give them candy :-) Love Taylor's letter-she is very sweet to include her little sister in it.


  2. Thank you Ruby. Santa puts stranger danger in a whole new light! I actually prefer them to stand with him but this year I was too focused on Kendy. Too cute!


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