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Dec 6, 2010

New Tooth and Other Exciting Things

We have a new tooth! Kendy has her 5th upper tooth and more are showing signs of poking through her gums. She is liking the cats more and more and doesn't freak when they come up to her. They love her of course! Kendy can stand herself up and walk around holding onto something. She really loves the wood floors over carpeting. We think this is because the orphanage had floors in all the pictures.

Kendy went pee pee on the potty today! I am going to try and make the effort to sit her on the potty and see how it goes....she is playing right next to me and obviously, I missed the afternoon poop! We sat again after lunch but in the middle of pulling her pants down with one hand and pulling her diaper off with the other all the while holding on to her over the potty seat, she went pee pee. Got a little wet on her leg, my hand, and the diaper, but most went into the potty. I count that as a success. She knew what the plan was, but just like the cheerio still stuck to the back of her hand, she at least is trying.
Bath time last night was also a success. Kendy sat in the tub with Taytay and played with the alphabet letters that stick to the wall. I yelled for daddy to get the camera...that also explains how I came to catch a picture of Kendy sitting on the potty this morning when she went pee pee in the potty.
We put our Christmas tree up and Taylor put her Princess ornaments on the tree while we all played around her. She and Kendy are really getting along and are so cute together. They even can take baths together now! Tay also likes to get into the crib and play with Kendy. I love my girls so much and can't wait to see and learn more about their budding relationship.
Kendy is eating all sorts of food now, most from the spoon. Occasionally she will only use my finger. She can finally pick up a cheerio with her fingers and hit her mouth about 80% of the time. I add applesauce, yogurt, bananas, rice cereal to her bottle, along with her vitamins....yummy! Kendy starts her day at 6:30-7:00 gets a bottle, then breakfast, she takes a short nap around 10-11 am, then lunch at noon followed by a bottle, an afternoon nap 1:30-3:00 and then dinner 5-6 pm and bedtime 9 pm. She typically wakes up around 2:30 am and then falls back to sleep with a gentle pat. If she is standing up and her crying is louder than a whimper, I will pick her up and hold her for a few seconds and lay her back down. If I gently lay my hand on her back she falls right back to sleep. Such a lovey with her hugs!
I am having so much more fun with her now that she is eating solid foods and sleeping on a regular schedule. I am also willing to share in the tasks with Kip and friends, so I can have a little down time or Taytay time. I needed to do everything with Taylor and she also didn't sleep through the night, so I was tired and running on empty with Taylor in the beginning. Now I am pretty awake and have lost 10 pounds. 10 more and I can fit my wedding dress. Now wouldn't that be a surprise one afternoon with Kip at home!


  1. Sounds like an easy baby-congratulations on that.

  2. Such cute girls! Merry Christmas. Blessings


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