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Dec 9, 2010


Tonight I took a bath after the girls and Kendy stood next to the tub and kept her hand reached out to touch my arm and kind of made a little sound like a "hum". When I rinsed my hair over my head with a pitcher of water she started to cry and looked so worried for me. It was really sweet and cute.
She loves playing in her crib with Taylor! It is the funniest thing to watch. She throws herself down and then gets up laughing. Of course, she knows we are all laughing too so it is even funnier.
Taylor has recently joined AWANA (a religious program) and goes on Wednesday evenings with a bunch of school friends. She really enjoys the gathering and the learning. I enjoy the Terry time, especially if Kendy is home with Kip and I can go have a cup of coffee with friends while the kids go to their meeting.
Kip's new job has him traveling to Chicago...4 blocks from his parent's house. He stays with his folks which they love and he enjoys getting time to see them too. Hopefully we will all get out to Chicago soon to see all the family. Kip's brother is home now and walking either with a crutch or a prosthetic on his lower leg. We can't wait for Auntie Peg to meet Kendy and see Taytay too.
Kip has been working on the sign for "more" with Kendy and she gets it. She will use it when she wants more of something and definitely does not use it when she sees something on her plate that she does not want. Chocolate cake = more. Applesauce = No. I was feeding her a french fry and a vegetable mixture. She did not want the veggies anymore; she wanted the fry. I put the fry in my left hand and the spoon with veggies in my right and put them both up to her face. She kept her eyes on the veggies while turning her head and opening her mouth for the fry. I slipped in the veggies and then followed up with a fry. Funny girl!


  1. My older kids went to AWANA too-they all loved it.


  2. There something special about Bath time with your children. My hubby would bath the boys and it was quite the site all in a good way.
    I haven't yet seen a kid that didn't like fries.

    Coffee is on


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