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Dec 10, 2010

All Tangled at 7

Taylor is 3'10" and weighs 53.5 lbs and is turning 7 today!

Allison, Isabella, Sydney, Maile, Taylor, Jaida & Michelle

We began the birthday celebrations by hosting a movie date with some of her good friends. The girls saw Tangled in 3-D and then ate cake and ice cream. Today her 1st grade class shared dessert, and then we went to dinner as a family to her favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes, followed by her school's event. All in all it was a fun week and I hope Taylor had a wonderful time as well. She loves all her gifts and cards; thank you all for sharing in her birthday joy! We love you. I love you Taytay forever, mommy

Sharing birthday cupcakes with classmates

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