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Jul 25, 2010

Summer Mandarin Lessons with Ms. Ge

This summer Taylor and 4 friends spent a few nights a week with Ge Lao Shi (Ms. Ge) learning Mandarin. Ms. Ge was Taylor's Kindergarten teacher and she just loves her (and vice versa). She was tough and gave a lot of homework mostly math, but the kids learned from her. She wanted to work with our girls so much this summer that she passed on a trip to China with her husband! She and her husband Charlie prepared an authentic Chinese meal for all of us as a "graduation" party. They made dumplings that were beautiful and a chicken noodle dish with garlic sauce. Yummy!

Sitting Natalie, Pam and Charlie; Ms. Ge, me, Deana

Ms. Ge and Esme, Sydney, Taylor and Isabella

Taylor's Chopstick Finesse!

Ms. Ge and Charlie teaching how to make a dumpling!

Mandarin Class (ucl chalkwall flowers!)

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