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Jul 30, 2010

Oopy Goopy Science Camp GSA

One hundred and four days of summer vacation....what to do, what to do? Taylor spent her last week of summer vacation attending the Oopy Goopy Science Camp hosted by the Girl Scouts of America at Cherry Creek Reservoir. She was a Daisy this past year and so can participate in all sorts of activities. She had so much fun and came home exhausted every day. She made bubble gum, snow, and silly putty! The girls were given tasks to do each day to help with activities and lunch like be a mopper (clean-up), a hopper (server), or a chopper (food prep). I just may have to use these labels at home. she has learned so many great camp songs and this morning when I dropped her and her friend Sydney off they started singing one I used to sing..."when you sip cider ..." I got so emotional. Taylor is growing up and I am so proud of her! I love you Taytay. XOX mom

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