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Jul 25, 2010

Mutton Bustin' at the County Fair

A day at the fair! And one to remember with Taylor's first and last ride on a wild animal!

Taylor rode the sheep for 2.56 seconds! Ended up with braggin' rights, sand on and in her nose & mouth, and an 8 inch scratch on her leg, but nothing a little TLC won't cure. She said she was a little scared and thought the sheep would be nice and soft, but it was not so soft. Her friend Michelle said the sheep would go slowly! We asked Tay and Michelle if they would do it again they both said "NO, never again!". Such a proud moment, but honestly when the little boy before was rammed into and dragged along the fence I was nervous (that happened to be the son of a friend of mine). I made daddy sign her up and load her onto the sheep! Oh yeah, both girls had a blonde highlight added to their hair! This is definitely a summer to remember.

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