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Jul 13, 2010

CCAA Matches May 10, 2006

Rumor has it CCAA matched 14 days through May 10, 2006....if true we just jumped ahead 3-5 months! Our LID is May 16, 2006. I am between giggles & tears right now with a little bit of butterflies!!

when I told Taylor the good news and explained what it meant, she jumped up and down and was very excited! She then said, :I will have to miss a few days of school to go to China."

Yahoo Group Posting :
"Hi All May 2006 LID families -

There hasn't been much activity for this Yahoo Group; but in case you haven't heard; China has managed to get through 05/10/06 with this last batch of referrals that arrived on Thursday 07/15/10 for families with LIDs dated 04/27/06 – 05/10/06. Our agency (CCAI) doesn't have any families logged in for 04/30/06 – 05/10/06 due to CCAA being closed for a holiday during the 1st week in May 2006."

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