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Jul 18, 2010

CCAI May LID Dates and Nesting

CCAI's May 2006 LID Dates. We are May 16, 2006


To think we are actually 2-4 months away from meeting our little girl just seems so amazing. After waiting for over 4 years, we just kind of go along with our day.

Now I am nesting by organizing all the clothes that I saved and much more given to us by friends in hopes that our newest little girl will wear something that their little girl wore before. I did not save much of Taylor's clothing, because I didn't want Taylor and Kendy to be wearing the same thing at age 2 in their pictures. A few summers ago I met a gal at a local park with two little ones recently adopted from Haiti. They were size 2/3 and the same season as all my clothes from Taylor. I met her an hour later at Holy Love Preschool with two large black leaf bags full of clothing. I told her I had a lot, but I don't think she really knew what I meant by a lot! It felt good to share the wealth of clothing and I know she will pass along what she doesn't use or need to someone else. That is just how it works around here.
I still have a closet full of clothing given to us that is a size range of 12-24 months and 2T. The rest is going to go to other kiddos. The generous spirit of my friends is overwhelming at times and I feel blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Kendy's room has a crib (from my good friend Pam) and a twin bed (for Taylor to help Kendy sleep) and a small dollhouse/book shelf (Pam) and one of my dressers from my bedroom set. Tay has the bed. Taylor used this room when we first moved here in August 2008, but she now has the big girl room next door. She picked out the paint color (pink parfait) and now green (lemon Thyme) for her room. The hallway is pretty when the sun sets and the glow from their rooms warms the walls.

Moving on to the toys!

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