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May 28, 2010

Taekwondo Green Belt and Field Day

Taylor tested and passed to receive her green striped belt. She performed her demonstrations correctly, did the splits front side and center and did a scorpion kick to break a board!! Taylor really enjoys Taekwondo and wants to do well. She didn't think she passed and was really bummed at first, and then realized she could test again. But no need, she did pass!
Today was Field Day at GVA and the last day of school until August 5th when she is officially a 1st grader. Watching Taylor run, pull and drag though the events was really fun....that's when I realized she was pretty athletic. We want to try out a few other sports to see what she likes and enjoys the most. We think we have an athlete in our hands. So far Taylor loves taekwondo and ballet and swimming. She said she did not want to join the swim team this year at our neighborhood pool. Too scary to think about swimming all the way to the other end....we will see this weekend when the pool opens.

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