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May 14, 2010

GVA Recognition for Taylor

Yeah! I am so proud of Taylor! GVA held its Recognition Awards Assembly today and each class/grade level honored one student per topic and special class. Taylor was chosen by her P.E. teacher, Mr. Howe, as the outstanding Kindergartner and her teacher Mrs. Ge chose her as the #1 student in Math. Not to mention (again!) her 2nd place award at the Chinese Speech contest last month. Taylor is a good student; she pays attention and wants to do well. Yesterday I read with her in her Voices class (reading) and when the teacher came to sit with us, Taylor turned shy and read very carefully. When Ms. Adles went to another student, Tay began reading at a much quicker pace with confidence. Ever since pre-school at Holy Love, she has been that quiet student watching and taking in her surroundings.
Taylor has really come out of her shell most days at school. She is talking out loud and sharing her thoughts in class. She knows she is doing well in Mandarin and can do it, which boosts her confidence. Tonight she read a book to daddy!
I love you Taytay! Wo ai ni

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