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Jul 18, 2009

Remembering Taylor's Gotcha Moment

February 27, 2009
How wonderful to say we have been together four years! That moment when the first baby was carried in to the hotel's conference room(Hannah Lee, I think), and how we all just ooohed and ahhhed and moved closer and closer to the new baby is forever etched in my mind. I remember watching each one of you greet your new baby and thinking... we were next....little did I know we would be last of 13 families! Anticipation....we waited with my mom Milly and sister Sherry and Ken and Karen, waiting for Ella, for another 30 minutes after the last family left the conference room with their new little girl.
Talk about just hanging out! We were like castaways waiting for our ship to pass by so we could jump on and wave. Finally, a small group entered the room and Ella was first, then came Taylor. She was carried in the arms of one of the caretakers from the Social Welfare Institute. We met her as Luo Min Fang, nicknamed Fang fang (pronounced fong fong). I walked over and took her in my arms, not waiting for them to hand her over. She just looked so scared and her bottom lip trembled; a few tears escaped, but she really held it all in. When the nanny handed me her matching pink furry handbag, I remember Kip saying how perfect it all was. We started calling her Taytay-Fang fang so she would look at us when we said her name. We were able to call her Taytay by the time we left China for home.
After taking a few pictures we immediately went to our room with Taylor. The SWI Director and representatives then came to our room to answer any questions we had and to make sure we were okay with her. We were so high on life having her with us that we couldn't remember what we asked or what they said! We took off three layers of clothes and just held her for a while. So beautiful and tiny. We have always said we could tell Taylor was loved because she knew what it was when we offered our love to her.
A moment where time stood still for me was on our second night in the hotel with Taylor, and she walked herself along the wall to the room door and with a little cry said mama. Our hearts were so full for her sorrow and loss. We could only offer love and comfort to help her through those moments.
How special to have my mom and one of my sisters there to be witness to Taylor joining our family. Words can not describe how wonderful and important this was to me. My sister Sherry said she wouldn't have missed that life changing moment for anything and how wonderful it was to be a part of someone's dream coming true. Of course, getting out of Guiyang was also on her mind....she was not alone! The sunshine and brightness of Guangzhou was a welcome relief after a week of smoggy foggy cold weather!
Now...we have a five year old who loves to dance and make up songs, play teacher, read stories, color, and play with friends. She is excited about being a big sister and going to China to get her mei mei...still waiting for Kendy.
To our travel group #726, we are so fortunate to have met all of you and to have shared a moment in time that will always be special.
Thank you for letting me reminisce!
xox~The Altmans
Terry, Kip & Taylor
"Families are the rich soil from which we grow"

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