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Jul 5, 2009

CCAI Q&A Update

A few weeks ago a large group of waiting families met with Josh & Lily, the directors of CCAI, to get some answers. It is easier to share the info this way directly from their written Q&A to help explain why we continue to wait so long for our second adoption. It is not something Kip and I feel we can~nor do we want to~quit.We are committed in this journey and want to share all of it with you, our family.
We understand you have written about the reasons behind the continued expansion of the child match wait time. Could you go through them again? Could you share with us any additional reasons you may have discovered?

There are multiple reasons behind the current slow-down. First, the popularity of China adoption, combined with the closure and problems with adoption programs in many other countries, had led to a dramatic increase of dossiers coming to the CCAA before May 2007. Second, China’s impressive economic success in recent years has led to transformation in many areas of society, including the gradual acceptance of a smaller family, having girls only in the family, and domestic adoption. These changes have naturally resulted in less abandonment, fewer children being reported to the CCAA, and an increase of domestic adoptions, or de facto adoptions, which are considered unlawful by the government. Third, some orphanages chose to keep many children in their newly-built fancy facilities funded by the government’s Blue Sky Project and put their own, as well as their caretaker staff’s, employment security above the interest of the children under their care. Last, but not the least, the Hunan baby trafficking incident occurred in late 2005 and the subsequent extreme legal punishment leveled upon the orphanage director involved sent a chilling message to all orphanages’ leadership and fundamentally dampened their enthusiasm for international adoption, fearing possible political and legal prosecution.

How viable is China's adoption program? Will they close their doors someday?

China adoption is experiencing tremendous difficulties and generating enormous complaints and anxieties, but all in all it is still one of the largest international adoption programs in the world. The China adoption program’s problems have nothing to do with the speculation that the Chinese government does not like international adoption any more, or there are no more children in the orphanages. It has everything to do with the economy, changes in people's attitudes, and the mind-set of orphanage leadership. In a country of 1.3 billion people where the One-child-policy is still vigorously promoted in many provinces, child abandonment will unfortunately remain part China’s problems for many years to come. The slow decline of female abandonment by rural communities has been quickly and unfortunately filled by the dramatic rise of abandonment due to rampant out-of-wedlock births. That partially explains the rise in the percentage of boys coming to orphanages now.

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