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Jan 4, 2011

What We Did Over Christmas Break

I took the girls swimming and Kendy loved it. Taylor is a fish and loved spending time with her friend Isabella at the Trails Rec Center. We also saw Yogi Bear the movie and the girls laughed like we used to as kids. We had play dates with friends and slept in and watched cartoons. We met up with Cheryl, Lexee and Kaylanee for lunch and some shopping of course. Cheryl was my shopping buddy in China while our girls did cartwheels down the streets. Another gal from our China trip lives nearby and her daughter Aria is now being watched by my friend Natalie. I am so happy to have these connections for myself and the girls.
The one thing we haven't done is play in the snow. It has been too cold for that, but we are ready with our snow gear (thanks Chandra for the cute outfit for Kendy). Taylor is a wonderful big sister and really helps me with small things like letting me know Kendy has a poopy diaper! No, she is good and is adjusting to sharing mommy really well. We had several dates with just the two of us over the break or with friends and left Kendy with daddy. It was refreshing for both of us. Thanks Natalie for the pictures of my cutie pies!

Kendy and Aria enjoying a good laugh!

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  1. Kendy certainly is a happy baby, isn't she? And I think there's nothing better to beat winter than going to a swimming pool. Glad the girls had such a great time. We took our son and first grandson to see Yogi but they were bored; so were we. Maybe it's an age and stage thing. Maybe our expectations were too high. It's still fun to go to the theater, anyway.

    Happy New Year,


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