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Jan 8, 2011

Two Months of Kendy

We have held Kendy in our arms for two months today! Sometimes we can even put her down and she won't cry....just kidding. Kendy is bonding wonderfully to us and especially likes to follow me around now that she is walking. I love it, but she does need to be able to let me go into another room and know that I will return. I remember Taylor would do the same thing. Kip would tease with her as he does with Kendy. It is so important for her to learn that we will not leave her, ever. I also remember writing about the sadness in leaving Taylor at daycare (Safe & Sound) and the joy on her face when I would pick her up. Kendy will realize this soon too.
Kendy is such a happy smiling baby and is really quite a copycat too. I can't believe how she plays with the phones and remotes. Yesterday I was singing the ABC's and she toddled over to the refrigerator and brought me back the Leapfrog ABC magnet game and pushed the button. Well that just sent Kip and I over the moon and we have pre-enrolled her into Harvard!
She does not want to share her toys now with the other kids, so we are working on this. Fortunately all the kids are sweet and have plenty of toys and time for Kendy. I am so lucky to have such great kids around my kids and including my kids.
Kendy eats everything and still loves her bottle. She lights up when she sees it coming. Our pediatrician suggests about 24 ounces of liquids for Kendy so she doesn't fill up on bottle and still eat. So far so good. We still have recent memories of her not eating anything so this is a big relief. She is a great sleeper at night and will almost roll out of my arms when she is ready to go down around 8:30 pm. She might wake up once in the middle of the night but not daily and she gets up around 6 am like clock work. Day naps are tougher since I usually have another child in the house. But if I am in the car she is out. She will wake up if I try to continue the nap in the house. I love this little sweetie pie and can't wait for you to meet her and fall in love too.


  1. Well, she certainly looks like a sweetie pie and you lucked out in many ways-happy, good sleeper, etc. That makes up for any selfishness with the toys!


  2. Kendy's smile lights up her face and yours, too! Even I'm smiling...thanks for sharing your "Lovebugs" with me!


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