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Jun 27, 2010

Our First Family Camping Vacation

We did it! We actually completed our first annual Family Camping Vacation to Cherry Creek Reservoir! And we had so much fun! Let me start in the beginning....last summer we went to CCR to visit a friend who was camping with her family and we stayed for dinner and s'mores. It was nice and I thought, how cool it would be if we went camping next year. In the mean time DH has quit smoking and is looking forward to doing things he hasn't done in years....because he was busy. Back to the present day....I book our campsite for this June. DH is driving home and stops at a garage sale and buys a cool tent for $20. He NEVER stops at garages sales. I go back and tell them Thank you, because my DH is so excited about camping now that he found the perfect tent!! It even has a screened in front porch. Great buy Kip.
Preparing the food for this trip was really fun....I wanted to have great food and not just get by since we were only there for 3 nights. We also planned to BBQ with Natalie and her family one night. They made delicious hamburgers.
Taylor had fun getting dirty and playing with her friend Isabella and her little sister. They rode bikes, played in the dirt and just made up games. I love make believe best! I actually started a book finally. Kip earned some well deserved nap time too.
We spent Saturday night huddled around a camp fire after a big rain storm and decided to sleep at home and come back in the morning for breakfast and to pack up. Man, my bed felt great. The air mattresses were pretty good, but not like my bed. Plus our kitties missed us. We are excited to do it again next year and maybe even add another long weekend to our schedule of summer fun, only next year we will have two kiddos and twice as much fun!

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