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Sep 11, 2009

End of Summer Fun

What a fun and jam-packed summer we had this year. Taylor started with swimming lessons in June at our neighborhood pool. We had a small group of girls taking lessons together while the moms drank coffee and relaxed poolside...of course, the cabana boys were nonexistent. But we still had fun. Taylor progressed from level 3 to level 6; she is able to swim 3/4 of the pool length doing freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Next year she can join swim team for the community if she swims the entire length. We spent our mornings at the pool and then were able to move on to other fun activities. There are a few parks within walking distance of our house, so we packed our lunch and either walked or rode Tay's bike to the park.
My good friend Patty had her knee replacement in June, so I spent some time chauffeuring her around (to the pool and back!). We saw a few good kid flicks at the movie tavern where taylor and Michelle get to be big girls out on the town. So cute! Our backyard is great for kids to play and run. Tay has perfected her cartwheel and is almost doing full handstands.
Of course our big thrill was taking our trip to So. California in August to spend time with Auntie Sherry and meet my nephew Chris' new wife Laura. She is wonderful and so good for Chris and the family. We were happy Grandma Milly was also able to join us for a few days. We are now Build-a-Bear addicts thanks to Auntie Sherry. Even with Taylor starting Kindergarten mid August we still played the days away with Jaida, Michelle, Sydney and Isabella. We attended several birthday parties for little girls turning 5 & 6 with jumping castles and roller skating at Skate City. Even with all the kid activities, we still found time to BBQ with other adults, party at the Rockies, and go to the pre-season Broncos vs. the Bears. The summer ended with an ice cream social at our pool on Labor Day. ps. it now hotter than it was in June....too bad the pool is closed!

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