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Sep 29, 2009

Bringing Home Graci and Bobbi

Our adoption is final!

Today we brought home Bobbi & Graci, sister kittens. They are two months old and needed a home and we needed them. Graci on the right with the white nose has a pink tip on her nose and Bobbi has a brown tip and stripes. They are so loving. Graci is asleep on my lap as I type. Bobbi was here first then they switched. Taylor is in heaven. She picked their names. She had a hard time staying in bed tonight and wanted them to sleep in her room:)
The sisters are very loving and playful. They were found under a canoe and were wild. A gal at the vet's took them home and domesticated the 4 kittens. We have been on a waiting list for two kittens and I checked in today and they had these two beauties. Fate brought us these sisters and we couldn't be happier :)

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  1. What cuties they are and we cannot wait to come and play with Graci and Bobbi. Taylor looks like she is enjoying them so much. You all needed them as much as they needed you too. Happy adoption day!


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