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Aug 8, 2009

Trip to So. Cal continued...

Taylor and I spent the last week of summer, before she begins kindergarten, in California. Auntie Sherry hosted us for a fun visit. We spent our first evening in Downtown Disney where Taylor stopped in to Build-A-Bear and created Vanessa, her very own bear. That was something to see! The gal helping to stuff Vanessa was wonderful with Tay....adding a heart full of love and a magic sound too. Taylor picked out a white and pink dress with sparkles and pink slippers, a pink satin backpack, and a matching headband. You could go nuts shopping for outfits and all the extras they have in the store. This was a special surprise for Taylor from Auntie Sherry. My niece Mandy joined us for the evening. We also made time for a little shopping and of course mac & cheese pizza with my cousins and their kids. I loved watching Taylor playing with all of her 2nd cousins 3-5 years in age. Everyone was happy and the kiddos were having such a good time. We went swimming and played at the playground too. We spent the next afternoon at the Orange County Fair! Cheap tickets, good eats and lots of rides! Next we went to San Diego to meet my nephew's new wife Laura and her family & friends. My mom flew in to go with us to help represent the Kropp clan. We overstayed our welcome by 4 hours, but we were having such a good time with everyone. I told my sister Kerry that her son married a gal with a little bit of all the women in the family rolled into her. She is fun, smart, and beautiful. Of course, we made it to the beach and Taylor ran from the waves rolling in and collected sea shells and made a sand castle. Tay finally conquered the monkey bars! Another wonderful day in paradise! Flying first class both ways was an added bonus! Thanks to my sister in law Tammy and Bob for the flights. We are truly blessed with a wonderful family. Taylor starts kindergarten tomorrow so we will have to say goodnight!

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