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Nov 27, 2009

Celebrating Adoption Month

We attended a wonderful fun-filled celebration for families encircled in adoption. Taylor and her friend Isabella really loved the dancing and even accompanied the band with tambourines. Sherrie Eldridge,the author of the book "Forever fingerprints", read her book aloud while about 30 kids squirmed around and even a few listened. Taylor was so excited to tell her Literacy teacher at GVA about meeting and listening to a real author. The book is wonderful. The kids did fingerprint art, got tattoos, balloons and treats! It was a nice evening for us as a family to really reflect on adoption and how much our lives are enriched by the experience. China is taking so long and we are seeing more and more families drop out of the program due to the length of time and uncertainty of the ongoing wait times. Some agencys are saying another 2 years for June 06 LIDS. We are LID May 16, 2006. Ours is not giving out time lines. I am afraid the wait will extend out beyond 2010 and then I do not know what will happen. feeling sad and disgusted at the same time. This too shall pass.

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