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Oct 14, 2009

Stay at Children's Hospital

Tonight we had our first visit, and hopefully our last, for Taylor to the emergency room at Children's Hospital. She started with a cold and then progressed to serious coughing within hours. She was in respiratory distress when we got to the hospital. She was put on an oxygen mask with some meds to open her airways. She took a while to respond, but once she did her body healed pretty quickly. She will need to use an inhaler and take some meds for the next 48 hours, but should be fine after that. No flu, no allergies, just some virus. Yuck! Pretty scary stuff especially when we have a healthy active 5 year old. Tay was a trooper and very polite even though she was scared. The nurses gave her a purple teddy bear and a few books. But coming home and getting to sleep in mommy & daddy's bed was the best treat!

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